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  1. Wallander research fellowship

    Volha Lazuka


    Project: Research

  2. Long term consequences of Polish-Lithuanian union of 1569

    Mikolaj Malinowski


    Project: Commissioned research

  3. Innovative practices for sustainable development

    Cristina Chaminade, Cristian Ducoing, Jeffrey Orozco & Rodrigo Corrales-Mejias


    Project: Research

  4. Longer working lives and informal caregiving: Tradeoffs and economic value

    Maria Stanfors & Therese Nilsson

    Marianne och Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse


    Project: Research

  5. A factory in the living room: Homebased work and homebased workers 1800-2018

    Malin Nilsson, Silke Neunsinger, Indrani Mazumdar & Jane Barrett


    Project: Other

  6. Medical innovations in Sweden 1950-2016

    Volha Lazuka


    Project: Research

  7. Evaluation Training Course on STI policies (UNCTAD)

    Cristina Chaminade


    Project: Commissioned research

  8. Sustainable development, Fiscal policy and Natural resources management. Bolivia, Chile and Peru in the Nordic countries’ mirror

    Cristian Ducoing, José Peres-Cajías, Sara Torregrosa Hetland, Ann-Kristin Berquist, Kristin Ranestad, Carlos Contreras & Marc Badia-Miró

    Swedish Research Council


    Project: Research

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