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  1. Motivating Students to Learn French

    Tomas Jungert, Jonas Granfelt & Céline Rocher Hahlin

    Project: Dissertation

  2. Swedish norms for the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview, BCFPI

    Gisela Priebe, Markus Andersson, Lars-Henry Gustle, Pia Tallberg, Emma Lindeblad, Donna Bohaychuk & Peter Pettingill

    Project: Research

  3. Youth, sex and the internet in a changing world 2015

    Gisela Priebe, Carl Göran Svedin, Linda Jonsson, Cecilia Fredlund & Marie Wadsby

    Project: Research

  4. Vatten, karriär och genus

    Una Tellhed, Fredrik Björklund & Marinette Hagman

    2019/01/14 → …

    Project: Research

  5. Mental health in children within pediatric care.

    Beatrice Nyström & Kajsa Järvholm

    Thorsten och Elsa Segerfalks Stiftelse för främjande av medicinsk vetenskaplig forskning och utbildning


    Project: Research

  6. Construct Structure of the Friends and Family Interview (FFI)

    Elia Psouni, Barbara Hoff Esbjorn, Sonja Breinholst & Howard Steele

    2017/09/16 → …

    Project: Research

  7. South Africa - Sweden University Forum

    Eva Brodin & and others


    Project: Other

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