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  1. Evaluation of parent-based interventions focused on children who have parents with mental health problems

    Gisela Priebe, Ulf Axberg, Lina Wirehag & Maria Afzelius

    Project: Commissioned researchClinical research

  2. Experiences of genital pain among queer women

    Elin Ekholm, Ida Flink & Tove Lundberg

    Project: DissertationTeaching

  3. Motivating Students to Learn French

    Tomas Jungert, Jonas Granfelt & Céline Rocher Hahlin

    Project: Dissertation

  4. Swedish norms for the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview, BCFPI

    Gisela Priebe, Markus Andersson, Lars-Henry Gustle, Pia Tallberg, Emma Lindeblad, Donna Bohaychuk & Peter Pettingill

    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  5. Tellus - a project to reinforce Lund University's work against sexual harassment

    Gisela Priebe, Anette Agardh, Ulrika Andersson, Per-Olof Östergren, Lena Lindell & Annabel Merkel

    Project: Commissioned researchInternal collaboration (LU)

  6. The dental treatment setting as a venue for disclosure of sexual abuse - an interdisciplinary study

    Gisela Priebe, Eva Wolf, Magnus Englander & Erin McCarthy

    Project: ResearchOther collaboration

  7. The multifaceted nature of social competence during middle childhood

    Åsa Arvidsson, Hans Bengtsson & Tomas Jungert

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  8. Youth, sex and the internet in a changing world 2015

    Gisela Priebe, Carl Göran Svedin, Linda Jonsson, Cecilia Fredlund & Marie Wadsby

    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  9. eSSENCE@LU 7:5 - Developing person-centred computational language assessments for diagnosing depression and anxiety

    Daiva Daukantaité & Oscar Kjell


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, International collaboration, Collaboration with industry

  10. Litteraturläsning och hälsa - ASG Pufendorf IAS

    Anders Ohlsson, Torbjörn Forslid, Per Johnsson, Kajsa Järvholm, Katarina Bernhardsson, Anna Clara Törnqvist, Anna W Gustafsson, Jonatan Wistrand, Pia Dellson & Martin Malmström


    Project: NetworkInterdisciplinary research

  11. INTERCOM: Interspecific Communication

    Susanne Schötz, Joost van de Weijer, Katarzyna Bobrowicz, Anders Brodin, Maria Graziano, Elin Hirsch, Johan Mårtensson, Elia Psouni, Stephan Alexander Reber & Olof Sandgren


    Project: NetworkInterdisciplinary research, International collaboration

  12. A survey study of pain-related experiences in Swedish adults with cancer

    Joana Duarte, Sean Perrin, Marcelo Rivano & Lance McCracken

    2020/09/01 → …

    Project: ResearchNational collaboration, Clinical research

  13. Rethinking perceptual processes for the 21st century

    Anette Lidström

    2020/09/01 → …

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  14. Psychological well-being in professionals working with migration issues

    Katarzyna Bobrowicz

    2020/06/30 → …

    Project: ResearchCollaboration with industry

  15. Att ta hand om ett barn med erfarenhet av trauma - en utvärdering av TMO-F

    Elia Psouni, Amanda Angelöw & Victoria Niwhede

    2020/06/01 → …

    Project: Research

  16. Utvärdering av Marte Meo behandling i grupp

    Elia Psouni, Elise Ricci & Fredrik Svensson

    2020/05/04 → …

    Project: Research

  17. ADAPT2: Adaptive Developer Tools

    Emma Söderberg, Martin Höst, Luke Church, Diederick C Niehorster, Marcus Nyström & Görel Hedin

    Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  18. Targeting excessive worry in adolescents using an online scalable intervention: A randomized controlled trial

    Erik Andersson, Tove Wahlund, Sean Perrin, Sarah Vigerland & Eva Serlachius

    2020/03/06 → …

    Project: ResearchNational collaboration, Clinical research

  19. Queering Family Violence: Violence against LGBTQI+ family members in the past and present societies

    Marianna Muravyeva, Tove Lundberg, Matilda Wurm, Anna Malmquist, Kris Clarke, Monika Grønli Rosten, Alexander Kondalov, Þorgerður Einarsdóttir & Gyða Margrét Pétursdóttir


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  20. Mind4Change: Agents of Change - Mind, cognitive bias and decision-making in a context of social and climate change

    Christine Wamsler, Luis Mundaca, Oscar Kjell, Gustav Osberg & Walter Osika

    FORMAS, a Swedish research council for sustainable development


    Project: Research

  21. Children at risk

    Anna Kristensson Ekwall, Ardavan Khoshnood, Maria Ekstrand Ragnar, Gunilla Klingberg, Louise Laurell, Titti Mattsson, Lina Ponnert, Gisela Priebe & Karin Ridell


    Project: NetworkNational collaboration

  22. TransVision: Transition Visions: Coupling society, well-being and energy systems for transitioning to a fossil-free society

    Christine Wamsler, Luis Mundaca, Oscar Kjell, Gustav Osberg & Walter Osika

    FORMAS, a Swedish research council for sustainable development


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

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