Division for Higher Education Development

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AHU, short for the Division for Higher Education Development at Lund University, was founded in 2016. It is included in the department for Educational Sciences at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. AHU replaces CED, Centre for Educational Development. The main task for AHU is to support academic development at the university by offering pedagogical courses to academic teachers and doctoral students, and by contributing to the educational development of courses and programmes. AHU should also conduct research in relevant topics in relation to higher education development. The unit also supports the development of e-learning and is the system manager for the learning platform Luvit and the system LU Play. AHU cooperates closely with the faculties and other educational development units at the university: MedCUL at Medicine, Genombrottet at Engineering and Plus at Science. AHU also contributes to and exchanges knowledge and experiences of higher education development nationally and internationally.

Recent research outputs

Anders Sonesson, Åsa Lindberg-Sand, Elmgren, M. & Forsberg, E., 2019 Mar 7, p. 674-675.

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