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  1. PRIVACY: Centre for Privacy Studies

    Charlotte Christensen-Nugues, Mette Birkedal Bruun, Helle Vogt, Peter Thule Kristensen, Jill Bepler, Annabel Brett, Philippe Colcatre-Zilgien & Maarten Delbeke


    Project: Research

  2. Classics Refashioned. Swedish Translations of Ancient Literature

    Johanna Akujärvi & Kristiina Savin


    Project: Research

  3. Informational value and economic value: Marx and the moral depreciation of technology

    Fernando Flores


    Project: Research

  4. The Animal Turn - Theme, Pufendorf IAS

    Tobias Linné, Helena Pedersen, Amelie Björck, Elsa Coimbra, Erika Andersson Cederholm, Gunnar Broberg, Elisabeth Friis, Caroline Isaksson, Kristina Jennbert, Monica Libell, Ann-Sofie Lönngren, Helena Persson, Anna Petersson & Annie Potts


    Project: Network

  5. History and it´s social relevance in Sweden 1959-1980

    Henrik Brissman


    Project: Research

  6. Why is it necessary to modify the web pages?

    Fernando Flores


    Project: Research

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