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  1. Stress, smärta och läkemedelsanvändning hos barn och ungdomar

    Pernilla Garmy, Eva-Lena Einberg, Erika Hansson, Eva K. Clausson & Ann-Christin Sollerhed

    Project: Research

  2. Swedish norms for the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview, BCFPI

    Gisela Priebe, Markus Andersson, Lars-Henry Gustle, Pia Tallberg, Emma Lindeblad, Donna Bohaychuk & Peter Pettingill

    Project: Research

  3. The genetics of soft tissue tumors

    Jan Köster, Fredrik Mertens & Henryk Domanski

    Project: Dissertation

  4. The role of CART in islet function

    Mia Abels

    Project: Dissertation

  5. The Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services Analysis

    Ulf Gerdtham, Adam Lundqvist & Emelie Andersson

    Project: Commissioned research


    Kristina Drott

    Project: Research

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