Medical Radiation Physics, Lund

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Our major research fields are radiation therapy (RT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), experimental x-ray imaging (XRI) and nuclear medicine (NM). Research in RT physics aims towards development of personalized, adaptive RT using multi-modality imaging and active motion management, building on improved understanding of clinical dosimetry and radiobiology. MRI research includes new measurement techniques and post-processing tools in functional and quantitative MRI (e.g., perfusion, diffusion and chemical exchange saturation transfer). In NM, research is focused on clinical dosimetry for radionuclide therapy, small-scale dosimetry and Monte-Carlo modelling of imaging systems. XRI research is focused on new preclinical imaging modalities to improve image contrast through dark-field and phase-contrast imaging using synchrotron radiation (in collaboration with MAX IV) and an in-house micro-focus x-ray tube. Generally, dosimetry and health aspects related to radiation are important issues.

Recent research outputs

Killander, F., Wieslander, E., Karlsson, P., Holmberg, E., Lundstedt, D., Holmberg, L., Werner, L., Koul, S., Haghanegi, M., Kjellen, E., Per Nilsson & Per Malmström, 2020 Jul 15, In : International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 107, 4, p. 701-709 9 p.

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Vogel, J. W., Iturria-Medina, Y., Olof T. Strandberg, Ruben Smith, Levitis, E., Evans, A. C., Oskar Hansson, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Swedish BioFinder Study, Jimmy Lätt, Markus Nilsson, Freddy Ståhlberg, Pia Maly Sundgren, Danielle van Westen, Jonas Jögi, Douglas Hägerström, Olsson, T. G. & Per Wollmer, 2020 May 26, In : Nature Communications. 11, 2612.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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