Medical Radiation Physics, Lund

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Our major research fields are radiation therapy (RT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), experimental x-ray imaging (XRI) and nuclear medicine (NM). Research in RT physics aims towards development of personalized, adaptive RT using multi-modality imaging and active motion management, building on improved understanding of clinical dosimetry and radiobiology. MRI research includes new measurement techniques and post-processing tools in functional and quantitative MRI (e.g., perfusion, diffusion and chemical exchange saturation transfer). In NM, research is focused on clinical dosimetry for radionuclide therapy, small-scale dosimetry and Monte-Carlo modelling of imaging systems. XRI research is focused on new preclinical imaging modalities to improve image contrast through dark-field and phase-contrast imaging using synchrotron radiation (in collaboration with MAX IV) and an in-house micro-focus x-ray tube. Generally, dosimetry and health aspects related to radiation are important issues.

Recent research outputs

Gunnlaugsson, A., Emilia Persson, Christian Jamtheim Gustafsson, Kjellén, E., Ambolt, P., Engelholm, S. & Lars E Olsson, 2019 Mar 6, In : Physics and imaging in radiation oncology. 9, p. 89 91 p.

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