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  1. Research areas and keywords:
    UKÄ subject classification
    • Medical Laboratory and Measurements Technologies
    • Biomedical Laboratory Science/Technology
    • Hematology
    • Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
    • Cancer and Oncology
    • acoustophoresis, microfluidics, exosomes, cell separation, miRNA, biomarkers, proteomics, acoustofluidics, cell handling, organs on a chip, diagnostics, circulating tumor cells
  2. Buon Kiong LauProfessor, Docent (Reader) in Applied Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons)

    Person: Academic

    Research areas and keywords:
    UKÄ subject classification
    • Communication Systems
    • Signal Processing
    • Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering
    • Antennas, MIMO, terminal antennas, array processing, vehicular antennas, UHF MRI RF coils, wireless power transfer
  3. Research areas and keywords:
    UKÄ subject classification
    • Information Studies
    • Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
    • Research infrastructure, Research data management, Metadata, Interaction design, Research data services, Scientific collaboration, Interdisciplinary research, eInfrastructure