Åsa Bergström

affiliated with the university


My PhD-project analyzes how Sweden has addressed and represented the Holocaust in moving images over time. The study undertakes archival research and the material primarily consists of newsreels, documentaries and fiction films from the Second World War up until today.

Historical representations, such as representations of the Holocaust, are frequently based on an interaction between documentary and dramatized narration in which the relationship between different art forms and media is central. My research interests are therefore concerned with the interaction between fact and fiction in film, television, theatre, and literature. I am also interested in Swedish and international film and television history, transnational relations, and intermediality as well as in the theory and practice connected to the field of artistically oriented research.

My interest in docudramatic representations has resulted in a collaborative project with researchers from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland, and we are currently working on an upcoming anthology tracing the national characteristics in European historical docudrama on television. I am also connected to an international newsreel network and to an international Media Studies research group with a comparative Scandinavian approach.