Åsa Lundqvist



Main research or teaching areas

  • Historical sociology
  • Welfare state and family relations
  • Family policy

Current research and teaching

My research deals with welfare politics and family relations. I have studied gender relations and the development of Swedish labour market and family policies. At present, I run the research project The Politics of Parenting SupportThe project analyses the historical development of parenting support in Sweden and how it affects current family and gender equality ideals and ambitions. 

I have recently published Transforming Gender and Family Relations. How Active Labour Market Policy Shaped the Dual Earner Model (2017). I am also co-author to the book Ensamma mammor (2017). Information about two of my previous books can be found here: Family Policy Paradoxes and Changing Relations of Welfare.

I am a member of the steering committee of the The Sino-Nordic Welfare Research  Network(SNoW), directed by Professor Stein Kuhnle, Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen.

Recent research outputs

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