Almut Kelber


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  • Zoology


My research centers around the visual ecology of animals - including birds and butterflies, moths and bees, frogs and toads.

Vision means information from light. Every second of the day, thousands of millions of photons of different wavelengths reach an animal’s eye from all directions. They carry nearly unlimited information about its habitat, conspecifics, prey, predators, homes, and other objects. The eyes capturing these photons have a limited number of photoreceptors, and the brain analysing the information is limited in size and capacity. Therefore, eyes and visual systems act as information filters - passing only that information that is relevant for the ecology and behaviour of their owner to its brain.

Which adaptations of the eyes allow animals to achieve their unique visual capabilities? How do the specific adaptations of different species relate to their ecology and behaviour? And what can we learn from these adaptations for a better understanding of vision in general, for animal protection, and for technical applications?

Recent research outputs

Yovanovich, C. A. M., Grant, T. & Almut Kelber, 2019 Jun 25, In : Journal of Experimental Biology. 222, 12, jeb204271.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Henze, M. J., Olle Lind, Wilts, B. D. & Almut Kelber, 2019 Apr 17, In : Journal of the Royal Society, Interface. 16, 153

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Kuenzinger, W., Almut Kelber, Weesner, J., Travis, J., Raguso, R. A. & Goyret, J., 2019 Mar 20, In : Biology letters. 15, 3

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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