Andrea Chiocchio

affiliated with the university


I am an evolutionary biologist interested in all that processes prompting biological diversification. During my PhD, I investigated the evolutionary processes involved in the birth and maintenance of genetic diversity hotspots in temperate regions, using mainly amphibians and micromammals as systems of study.

Currently, I am investigating the evolutionary history of one of the most diverse group of living organisms, Lepidoptera. I am combining molecular data from thousands of species with fossil data in a comparative phylogenetic framework, in order to investigate the patterns and the timing of diversification of the main groups of Lepidoptera. I am particularly interested in developing analytic approaches that handle molecular, ecological and historical information to resolve the evolutionary history of megadiverse taxa.

I have also been working on the systematics and evolution of a group of mimetic moths, the Amata moths, with the aim to understand how mimicry affected the patterns of diversification and speciation.