Andreas Håkansson

Senior Lecturer, Excellent Teaching Practitioner, Docent, Master of Science in Biotechnology engineering, BSc in economics

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Food Engineering
  • Chemical Process Engineering


  • Emulsification, PIV, CFD, Turbulence, Mathematical models, Food engineering, Transport phenomena, Consumption, Hydrodynamics, Chemometrics


The objective of Andreas Håkansson’s research is to increase our fundamental understanding of food processing. This is achieved using mathematical modelling and fluid dynamic investigations, with tools such as PIV and CFD. The general hypothesis is that we could design more efficient food processing equipment if we understood how they work in greater detail. In his PhD-dissertation, Andreas studied the high-pressure homogenizer, a unit operation used primarily in dairy processing. Andreas still has an interest in emulsification and has lead a research project on increasing the fundamental understanding of emulsification in rotor-stator mixers (RSMs). At present he is heading a new project studying drop-breakup during turbulent emulsification. Andreas also has an interest in the hydrodynamics of field-flow fractionation (AF4), an experimental technique for characterizing and separating colloidal particles and molecules.

Besides his technical projects, Andreas also has an interest for more consumer-oriented research-questions, in particular concerning the relationship between consumer critique and large scale food processing.


Andreas Håkansson is responsible for the department’s advances course in Food Engineering and a course in Chemometrics, applied multivariate analysis. Andreas is also the director of undergraduate studies at the Department of Food Engineering, Technology and Nutrient.


Andreas Håkansson writes and talks about the role of food processing in society and its historical background, for example in the form of popular science books, magazine articles and popular science presentations.

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