Anita Wisén

Senior Lecturer, Dr Med Vet, Associated Professor of Physiotherapy and Clinical Physilogy, Physiotherapy, Doctoral degree, Master (MSc)

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  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiology


  • Exercise Physiology, Physical activity, Obesity, Mental disorder



I hold a position as senior lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences, and in this role I primarily teach physiotherapy students, covering physiology and exercise physiology. I am also Associated Professor of Physiotherapy and Clinical Physiology at Lund University. In association with this, I also act as a member of the institutional board of the Department of Health Sciences.


I have clinical background in rehabilitation, occupational health and primary care. My doctoral studies included development of a scale for rating of maximal aerobic capacity (RPC scale) in a clinical setting, and development of methods for computerized analyses of maximal and functional exercise capacity, adaptation and efficacy. This resulted in my doctoral thesis ”Assessment of Aerobic Capacity, A Novel rating scale and Further Development of an Exercise Test including Analysis of Gas Exchange” (Lund University 2004).


My current research has a focus on physiology and exercise physiology with aims to optimize exercise training and increase knowledge about the effects of exercise.

In collaboration with Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre (CMRC) I have been in charge of a research project with the aim to explore the effect of different exercise regimes on body composition, exercise capacity and risk factors in obese subject. In another collaboration project I have explored the effect of acute exercise on hormones, inflammatory markers and growth factors in depressed persons. Together with Minneskliniken, Skånes University Hospital and the Institution of Psychology, Lund University, I have recently performed a study exploring different exercise regimes on cognitive functions, exercise capacity, gait and activity pattern, as well as metabolic, inflammatory markers and growth factors.

In addition, I am a member of the Equlalis Expert Group ”Exercise testing and Respiratory Physiology”, where the aim is to assure the quality of clinical tests performed in Swedish hospitals. As a member of the board of Gerdahallen (the gym, training and health centre in the city of Lund) I also promote training in a more general sense.

I primarily teach physiotherapy students, covering physiology and exercise physiology

Recent research outputs

Maria Hagströmer, Anita Wisén & Peter Hassmén, 2017, FYSS 2017: Fysisk aktivitet i sjukdomsprevention och sjukdomsbehandling. 3 ed. Stockholm: Läkartidningen Förlag AB, p. 250-266

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