Anna Borgström

Doctoral Student


Local scale action against global threats: Securing freshwater ecosystem function and services in a future scenario

My PhD project addresses the broad topics of climate change and ecosystem services. For many natural ecosystems, global-scale environmental threats exert an accelerating impact on local resource use, biodiversity and ecosystem function. Run-off of humic substances from catchments has increased, coloring our waters (brownification). Both brownification and eutrophication are affecting our freshwaters, where synergistic effects from climate warming and increased browning can further stimulate toxic cyanobacterial blooms. Thus, this is a considerable threat to safe water resources in the future.

I want to know how threats from climate change and other large-scale stressors will affect future water resources and during my PhD I hope to find out how to improve water quality by optimizing in-system ecosystem function and find a way to counteract and buffer against effects from global-scale threats by applying local-scale actions.

The aims of my PhD project are:

  • Explore synergistic effects of climate warming and brownification on freshwater systems
  • Assess mechanisms behind expansions of algal blooms in aquatic ecosystems
  • Provide local scale management tools to mitigate global-scale environmental threats to secure essential freshwater resources (in close cooperation with decision makers and NGO’s)

By assessing the consequences and mechanism of synergies between climate change and brownification I want to provide new knowledge and solutions on how to counteract these threats by providing management action tools for optimizing wetland design and restoration.