Anna Oudin

Statistician, Associate Professor in Epidemiology
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  1. Air pollution and risk for ADHD and Autism

    Ebba Malmqvist, Anna Oudin, Karin Källén, Peik Gustafsson, Nils Haglund, Bertil Forsberg, Sol Pia Juarez & David Olsson

    Project: Research

  2. ARIEL

    Ebba Malmqvist, Anna Oudin, Karin Westerberg & Ebba Lisberg Jensen

    Project: ResearchCollaboration with municipalities and county councils

  3. How is our health affected by particles from wood burning?

    Anna Oudin, Ebba Malmqvist & Bertil Forsberg


    Project: Research

  4. SpiS 2: Spridningsmodell i Skåne 2

    Anna Oudin, Emilie Stroh, Ebba Malmqvist & Ralf Rittner


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project