Ann-Kristin Wallengren

Professor, Professor, Ph.D.

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  • Humanities
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  • Film Studies, Film music, Eye-tracking, Celebrity Studies, Swedish-American relations, Experimental methods, Film and migration, Stars, Neuroaesthetics


In my research, I am currently working with two projects.

The first, "Film music experience and experimental methods", explores the possibilites of using psychophysiological and neuroscientific empirical methods to study spectators' experience of audiovisual narrative, above all in fiction films. For example, eye-tracking measurements are employed to see whether, and in which ways, attention changes when different sound environments accompany the same scenes, or how the spectator's experience is changing due to shifting interactions between film and music.


The second is called "Anita Ekberg and the construction of a contested celebrity". Here I look into how Anita Ekberg was constructed as a star in Hollywood in the 1950s, and how she came to embody ideas about the Swedish sex symbol. In this celebrity study I compare the reception and writings about Ekberg in Swedish and American press, and in future work I will also study Ekberg's time in Italy.


Besides I continue with my project on transnational film relations between USA and Sweden in which I among other things explore how the Swedish migration and migrants to USA is  pictured in both Swedish and American film cultures, and the use of films in the Swedish-American communities to shape memories about Sweden.

Recent research outputs

Ann-Kristin Wallengren, 2018 May 4.

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract

Ann-Kristin Wallengren & Alexander Strukelj, 2018 Jan 25, Seeing into Screens: Eye Tracking and the Moving Image. Dwyer, T., Perkins, C., Redmond, S. & Sita, J. (eds.). Bloomsbury Academic, p. 65-85

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Ann-Kristin Wallengren, 2018, p. 34.

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