Artur Nilsson

Timlärare, Ph.D., M.A., B.A.

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  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology


  • Personality, Worldview, Political psychology, Moral psychology, Psychometrics, Philosophy of science, Theoretical psychology, Social psychology


I focus on the role of the personal worldview in human psychology. A person’s worldview consists of his or her most basic beliefs, values, and constructs for understanding, evaluating, and acting upon reality. These address, for example, ideas about what human beings are like deep down, about what sources of knowledge can be trusted and how decisions should be made, about how society should be structured, about consciousness, free will, morality and spiritual realities, and about the ultimate meaning of life. Understanding the personal worldview is, I argue, crucial for understanding the person fully as a linguistic, meaning-making, existentially aware, and rational creature.

My work is currently divided into three broad projects:

  1. elucidation of the philosophical and conceptual foundations of a non-reductive science of personality,
  2. organization and development of measurement and taxonomy of personal worldviews, and
  3. investigation of how worldviews and other personality aspects structure political ideology cross-culturally.

I am also running the Network for theoretical and philosophical psychology at Lund University and writing a textbook on philosophy of science and methodology for psychology (with Lars-Gunnar Lundh) that has been awarded the Course Literature Honor's Prize from Studentlitteratur.

My doctoral dissertation “The psychology of worldviews: Toward a non-reductive science of personality” was awarded the King Oscar II scholarship.

Recent research outputs

Artur Nilsson, Henry Montgomery, Girts Dimdins, Maria Sandgren, Arvid Erlandsson & Adrian Taleny, 2020 Mar 26, In : European Journal of Personality.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Arvid Erlandsson, Artur Nilsson, Gustav Tinghög, David Andersson & Daniel Västfjäll, 2019, In : Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 48, 4, p. 814-838

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