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I graduated with Masters in Cell and Molecular Biology from Uppsala University in 2012. My Masters thesis entitled "An empirical method to quantify ribosomes in live Escherichia coli” was performed under the supervision of Prof. Suparna Sanyal and Dr. Santanu DasGupta, ICM, Uppsala University. Before moving to Lund, I worked on a project (2012-2014) to understand protein-protein interactions during initiation of DNA replication in E. coli, at Prof. Kirsten Skarstad's lab, Oslo University Hospital.

Currently, I am working on a PhD research project to investigate some key questions in bacterial cytokinesis using Streptomyces as a model organism. With supervision of Prof. Klas Flärdh, I aim to investigate the molecular aspects in the assembling of the bacterial cytoskeletal protein FtsZ in the Z-ring and how this protein brings about cytokinesis.

Cell division, a complex biological process, in almost all living cells, is mainly controlled at the stage of Z-ring assembly, but the molecular mechanisms are poorly understood. Streptomyces belong to one of the dominant phylum Actinobacteria together with other medically important organisms such as severe pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Utilizing the unique features of Streptomyces, this project aims to investigate the mechanisms of cell division in Actinobacteria."

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Beer Sen, 2020, Lund University, Faculty of Science. 80 p.

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