Bengt Martinsson



My research interest has varied over the years, but always centered on properties and effects of the atmospheric aerosol. Over the years my focus has shifted, from the berginning development of ion beam analytical techniques and new methods for aerosol studies were primary interests. After that and for quite some time clouds were the center of my attention. That gradually shifted to aircraft-based studies of the upper troposphere and the lower parts of the stratosphere in the European research consortium CARIBIC. Eventually I realized the value of combining the aircraft measurements with satellite observations, and recently also earth system modelling became a tool that we use to study the climate importance of atmospheric aerosols. The present strategy of our research group could in short be formulated: To combine efficient global observations by satellites and aircrafts with earth system modelling to describe and explain phenomena in the atmosphere relating primarily to the climate.

Recent research outputs

Oscar S. Sandvik, Johan Friberg, Bengt G. Martinsson, Peter F.J. van Velthoven, Markus Hermann & Andreas Zahn, 2019 Oct, In : Scientific Reports. 9, 15576.

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Bengt G. Martinsson, Johan Friberg, Oscar S. Sandvik, Markus Hermann, Peter F.J. van Velthoven & Andreas Zahn, 2019, In : npj Climate and Atmospheric Science. 2, 1, 40.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Franz Slemr, Andreas Weigelt, Ralf Ebinghaus, Johannes Bieser, Carl A.M. Brenninkmeijer, Armin Rauthe-Schöch, Markus Hermann, Bengt G. Martinsson, Peter Van Velthoven, Harald Bönisch, Marco Neumaier, Andreas Zahn & Helmut Ziereis, 2018 Aug 27, In : Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 18, 16, p. 12329-12343 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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