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I am currently associate professor (reader) of Music Education at the Faculty of Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University. My experiences as a musician in jazz and folk music, street musician, and as a music teacher in elementary school form a kind of logical base for my research and teaching. During the 1990s, I was active in the teacher education in Malmö and came later in 2002 to Kristianstad University. Is everybody able to Create music? As a teacher I had often met children and young people who on their own created music and songs, which made me think about how musical creativity works. In the 1990s I examined pre-schoolers’ musical activities and oral, improvised music. In my work as a teacher in compulsory school, I had at the same time developed interest in the computer as a tool for music creation and in music education. Now I wanted to know where the music really came from; how could people, children or grown-ups, with or without music education, create their own music? This wonder became the start of my PhD project which in 2002 resulted in the thesis ’I can do a hundred songs - children's musical creation with digital tools’. In this study, nine children, aged 6-8, created music on their own who with the help of synthesizer and computer. The thesis describes and analyzes the children's creative processes and musical products. Another purpose was to increase understanding of the meaning created by the children in the composing. Later, I participated in several research and development projects where musicians had different kinds of disabilities. This inspired to start a course in Music and Health at Kristianstad University. This course led to many new contacts. I am a member of the research environment Children's and Young People's Health in Social Context (CYPHiSCO) where researchers from different universities unite their interest in the mental and physical health, well-being and participation of children, teenagers and young adults. At the international level, I have presented my work in a number of international research conferences. My work within the International Society for Music Education (ISME) can be mentioned, where I was a member of the Commission Music in Special Education and Music Therapy (2012 - 2016). In the Commission's working group, where I am still a member, preparations for the next conference in Helsinki 2020 have already started. My research interests are currently concerning children's musical latitude and opportunity for creative music making, as well as research on music, inclusion and accessibility.

Recent research outputs

Bo Nilsson & Eva Clausson, 2017, Kristianstad: Kristianstad University Press.

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Bo Nilsson, 2017, Barnsliga sammanhang : forskning om barns och ungdomars hälsa, välbefinnande och delaktighet. Clausson, B. N. . E. (ed.). Kristianstad: Kristianstad University Press, p. 65-77 13 p.

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