Carl Alwmark

Senior Lecturer

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  • Natural Sciences
  • Earth and Related Environmental Sciences
  • Geology


My main field of research is impact cratering and planetary geology. The overall aim of my research is to get a better understanding of the evolution and dynamics of our solar system, and how this has affected our planet. This is done through studies of both terrestrial (impact craters) and extraterrestrial material (micrometeorites, meteorites and asteroids).
Impact cratering is one of the most important geological processes in our solar system, and has played a major role in the evolution of our planet. Despite the significance of impact cratering, we know very little of the delivery mechanisms that control transportation of crater forming projectiles to Earth. Also, details about the process of crater formation are poorly understood. Furthermore, the terrestrial cratering record is far from complete due to tectonic activity and erosion. In my research I work with 1) constraining the age of poorly dated impact craters using novel radiometric techniques; 2) verification of suspected impact craters and constraining their size and morphology, through studies of shock metamorphic features; 3) identification of the type of impactor of these structures through analyses of geochemical anomalies and studies of physical remnants of the projectiles and; 4) constraining and getting a better understanding of the transport mechanisms of cosmic material to Earth, through measurements of the isotopic composition of noble gases in meteoritic material.

Recent research outputs

Sanna Holm-Alwmark, Fred Jourdan, Ludovic Ferrière, Carl Alwmark & Christian Koeberl, 2021, In: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 301, p. 116-140 25 p.

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Sanna Holm-Alwmark, Carl Alwmark, Ludovic Ferrière, Matthias M.M. Meier, Sofie Lindström, Gavin G. Kenny, Emma Sheldon, Günter Schweigert, Christoph Spötl, Martin J. Whitehouse & Beda A. Hofmann, 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11, 1, 7438.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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