Carl-Johan Palmqvist

Doctoral Student

Research areas and keywords

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  • Philosophy


  • Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion


I am a theoretical philosopher interested in questions like "Can it be rational to have faith?", "Can atheists be religious?", "How can one rationally respond to something being a live possibility?", "How can religion develop in the future?", "What does it mean to fear?" etc.

Most of my work falls within the epistemology of religion, and I am primarily interested in ways of being religious which do not require outright belief. There are two major strands of such "belief-less" religion. On non-doxasticism, a religious commitment is based on religious attitudes which do not require belief, like hope, acceptance and certain kinds of faith. On fictionalism, religious propositions are treated as fiction and religious life as a game of make-believe.

My current project concerns the limits and possibilities of these approaches, and the possibility of constructing a hybrid-position.

Other notable interests include the nature of epistemic justification/rationality, and the proper analysis of attitudes such as faith, hope and fear. 

Recent research outputs

Carl-Johan Palmqvist, 2020 Oct, Printed in Sweden by Media-Tryck, Lund University.

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis (compilation)

Carl Johan Palmqvist, 2020 Aug 17, In: European Journal of Philosophy.

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