Carlos Henderson

Senior Lecturer

Senior lecturer, Research and research studies manager


I defended my Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics at Stockholm’s University. My dissertation, El Pretérito Perfecto Compuesto del español de Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay, examines the semantic and discursive content of the Compound Past (perfect) of the spoken Spanish of the three mentioned countries. The investigation revealed that the Compound Past does not generally express an overt connexion between the event and the moment of speech. In a similar vein of reasoning I have analysed the use of the Compound Past in epistolary correspondence in Uruguay during 18th and 19th centuries. At the present time, I am studying whether the dialects of Mexico and Spain, whose Compound Past often is described as having current relevance as a distinguishing feature, follows instead the former pattern regarding the relationship between the event and the moment of speech.

Within another area of verb tense semantics and its typology, I have taken an interest in whether Spanish is plausible to be uniformly classified under, as it is called, Verb-framed languages or shows in certain cases a pattern that is rather similar to Satellite-framed languages, according to Talmy’s (1985) famous classification. Preliminary results seem to indicate that Spanish, even if in a limited manner, is able to behave as a Satellite-framed language, which does not characterize the Roman languages otherwise.

I also am a board member of the Master Program of Language and Linguistics and Manager of Research and Research Education.

Recent research outputs

Carlos Henderson, 2017 Feb 6, Aorists and Perfects: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives. Marc, F. & Pierre-Don, G. (eds.). Leiden/Boston: Brill - Rodopi, p. 79-109 (Cahiers Chronos; vol. 29).

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Carlos Henderson, 2014, In: Studia Neophilologica. 86, 2, p. 242-247

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