Cecilia Fredriksson



I’m a professor of ethnology and my research centres on the culture of consumption, retailing, and service work, from both contemporary and historical perspectives. Other research fields of mine deal with fashion as a phenomenon and markets, as well as different forms of alternative consumption practices. An interest in cultural learning processes and value-creating practices is a consistent theme running through my activities.

In my previous research, I have shed light on, for example, the epoch during the development of Sweden’s welfare state when consumption became a leisure time pursuit and trips to the department store became a tourist attraction. In my research into department stores and modernity, I analyse consumption as a learning process both from a producer and from a consumer perspective, as well as how everyday consumption could work in terms of being important experience in dealing with the ambivalence of modernity concerning areas such as gender, class, and ethnicity. Here, we find the debates about consumption’s mass psychosis, female kleptomaniacs, and the transformation of goods and morals that became enduring components of the moral discourse that continues to characterise our attitude towards what can be bought and sold.

In 2014, I became one of those responsible for a newly-established interdisciplinary centre of excellence for retail research at Lund University (http://www.handel.lu.se). At the Centre for Retail Research, I develop current research on commodity flow, customer encounters, and today’s well-informed customers. I also lead a regional collaboration project concerning threats and opportunities for Swedish retail around Helsingborg (http://handelhelsingborg.se).

I have recently concluded a research project on "Green stores – sustainable trade and value-creating practices”, which was financed by the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Development Council (www.hur.nu/forskning/hallbar_butik_2/grona_butiker). Another concluded project is "Future coasts – sustainable development in coastal communities" (www.makadambok.se/framtidskuster.htm) which was a major Nordic collaboration project in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerack region (Interreg IVA).

Besides supervising on the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD student levels, I also give lectures, focusing on consumption and organisational culture, fashion, and retailing.


Recent research outputs

Cecilia Fredriksson, 2018 Oct 10, Framtidens fysiska butik: Digitalisering, upplevelser och hållbarhet. Johansson, U. (ed.). Lund universitet: Handelsrådet, p. 117-124 8 p.

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Cecilia Fredriksson, 2018 Oct 10, Framtidens fysiska butik: Digitalisering, upplevelser och hållbarhet. Johansson, U. (ed.). Lunds universitet: Handelns Utvecklingsråd, p. 141-142 2 p.

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