Christian Bierlich

Researcher, Master of Physics

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Subatomic Physics


Works with Monte Carlo simulations of soft collisions of protons and extension of those simulations to collisions of heavy nuclei.


Blogging about physics in general and particle physics in particular at (in Danish).

Outreach lectures at Peoples' University:


Lab instructor in FytA11 and FytA12.

Mini projects in Linear algebra II (for physics students).

For inquiries about teaching, please contact the course responsible teacher.

Recent research outputs

Christian Bierlich, Buckley, A., Christensen, C. H., Peter Harald Lindenov Christiansen, Duncan, C. B., Grosse-Oetringhaus, J. F., Karczmarczyk, P., Kirchgaeßer, P., Klein, J., Leif Lönnblad, Preghenella, R., Rasmussen, C. O., Stefaniak, M. & Vislavicius, V., 2020 May 29, In : European Physical Journal C. 80, 5, 485.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Andrews, H. A., Apolinario, L., Bertens, R. A., Bierlich, C., Cacciari, M., Chen, Y., Chien, Y-T., Cunqueiro Mendez, L., Deák, M., d'Enterria, D., Dominguez, F., Coleman Harris, P., Kutak, K., Lee, Y-J., Mehtar-Tani, Y., Mulligan, J., Nguyen, M., Ning-Bo, C., Perepelitsa, D., Salam, G. & 8 others, Spousta, M., Milhano, J. G., Tywoniuk, K., van Leeuwen, M., Verweij, M., Vila, V., Wiedemann, U. A. & Korinna Zapp, 2020 Apr 29, In : Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics. 47, 6, 065102.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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