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Christian Hulteberg, Ph. D. is a professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Lund University. The overarching aim of his research is to enable a transition from fossil to renewable feedstocks in the chemical and petrochemical industry. This research is performed on multiple levels of detail. Firstly, new and intelligent process pathways for renewable feedstocks are enabled using technology development. The purpose of the processing is to introduce the products into existing material streams in the chemical industry. The focal point of the technological development is in heterogeneous catalysis, but also non-catalytic processes and gas cleaning methods have been developed.

To investigate how well the new processes perform, process design is done. This means that a production plant is designed on paper and the heat and mass balances of the plant are determined. These balances are then used for estimating equipment sizes, resulting in investment cost and operational costs to assess the economic performance of the systems. In this respect, Christians Master Degree in Business Administration is handy. Aside from this intermediate level of detail, research is performed on regulatory instruments and their influence on technology introduction as well as innovation in the Chemical sector.

Research aside, Christian has a background as a serial entrepreneur and has started a number of companies based on his inventions. Several of the companies are rather well developed, and some of them have introduced products on the market, selling them on a commercial basis. The companies employ some 30 people in total.

Christian is or has been, an expert to the European Commission, to the Research Council of Norway and the International Energy Agency. He is the board chairman of the Swedish catalysis society and the Swedish representative in the Nordic catalysis society and the European Federation of Catalyst Associations.

Recent research outputs

Kena Li, Linnéa Kollberg, Henrik Almqvist, Bin Xu & Christian Hulteberg, 2021 Oct 1, In: Industrial Crops and Products. 169, 113657.

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Florian Walch, Omar Y. Abdelaziz, Sebastian Meier, Saša Bjelić, Christian P. Hulteberg & Anders Riisager, 2021 Jan 14, In: Catalysis Science and Technology. 11, p. 1843-1853 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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