Christina Isaxon

Associate Senior Lecturer

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  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences


Research focus

I am interested in how airborne particles are generated; what their sources are, and what happens to them after they have become airborne. I am especially interested in characterizing and sampling of those particles which are small enough to enter our respiratory tract and get deposited in the lungs. Why do some of these particles affect the lung adversely, and some not? Why are some of them translocated from the lung to the circulatory system and deposited in other organs? By sampling particles and quantifying emissions and exposure in people’s homes, outdoors and at workplaces, and by conducting cell culture studies in controlled laboratory settings, and human exposure studies together with medical researchers, I hope to contribute to the knowledge of how, and why.

I find that emissions and exposures at workplaces are of particular importance, since particles generated there often are of special interest when it comes to health. It can be because of their metal content (such as welding fume) or because of that we simply lack knowledge and experience of the particles (such as in the case of producing or working with engineered nanoparticles).

To help those who are in most need of help is a strong motivator for me, also in my professional life. I am engaged in a research project in Ethiopia, where we try to establish a connection between the high prevalence of maternal ill-health (such as preeclampsia), low birth weight, and air pollution. This project, which is a cooperation between areosol science, medicine, epidemiology, and toxicology, aims to provide the Ethiopian government with data so that preventive actions can be taken to protect the population.


I have been presenting work from our research group for the public at several occasions. Among these are “Teknik och Naturvetarcirkeln”, where I have been given public lectures in Halmstad, Växjö and Lund, , Tekniksprånget, and Commenius. I have also since 2012 given yearly lectures at “NMT-dagarna” (The days for Nature, Medicine and Technology) for in total several hundred gymnasium students. I have together with two professors at the faculty of Science started a project called “Adopt a class of 8-graders”, where we do projects together with kids in the age of 14 years, who go at schools in segregated areas in Malmö, environments where there are very few academic role models. I am part of Lund University Forskarturnén, where I have give open public c lectures at libraries aroud Skåne. I was part of organizing, and was one of the speakers, at a panel discussion at Almedalsveckan 2015, to address our politicians about risks and safety with manufactured nano particles.
I have talked about my thesis on radio and been interviewed and cited in several newspapers, both Swedish, British, and from the US.
I describe my research in a movie recorded at LTH 2014: Fascinating research at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University (
I have been interwieved in Lund University magazine (LUM) December 2013 (Prisade populärvetare om konsten att presentera forkning) and December 2015 (Lundaforskare undersöker mödrahälsovård I Etiopien), in Arbetsliv October 2015 (Värmeslag – när Jorden blir varmare ökar riskerna), in Sydsvenska Dagbladet December 2015 (Adventsljus förorenar inomhusluften), in Lokaltidningen Lomma/Bjärred February 2016 (Nanoforskare vill höja ett varnande finger). I have written myself in Bulletinen (Bättre lite skit I hörnen…?).

A selection of popular Science presentations and articles

2014: Invited speaker at Malmö Länsstyrelse and Luftvårdsförbundet: Luftföroreningars uppkomst, karaktär och spridningsmekanismer

2014 Invited speaker at Tekniksprånget: Luften är fri…! Om partiklar du får på köpet då du andas

2014: Participated in movie ”Fascinating research at the faculty of Engineering”

2015: Pouplare science article in Bulletinen 4:2015: “Bättre lite skit I hörnen…?”

2015: Article in Arbetsliv: Värmeslag - När jorden blir varmare ökar riskerna

2015: Article in LUM: Lundaforskare undersöker mödrahälsovård i Etiopien

2015: Article in Sydsvenska dagbladet: Adventsljus förorenar inomhusluften

2015: Invited speaker for Plusgymnasiet: Luftburen exponering i arbetsmiljön

2015: Invited speaker for Målarförbundet: Nanoteknologi En revolutionerande teknikutveckling och nya risker?

2015: Lecture at NMT-days at LU: Nanopartiklar i luften du andas

2015: Invited speaker for Transportarbetarförbundet: Nanoteknologi En revolutionerande teknikutveckling och nya risker?

2015: Invited speaker at Lund City Library: Luften är fri…! Om partiklar du får på köpet då du andas

2015: Lecture about air pollution measurements in Ethiopia at Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), Adis Abeba

2015: Seminar “Nano – I nöd och lust?” at Almedalsveckan, Gotland

2016: Invited speaker at Malmö Högskola: Nanoteknik och nanosäkerhet

2016: Invited speaker at Bjärred library: Nanopartiklar - hot eller möjlighet?

2016: Invited speaker at Kungsgårdsskolan Ängelholm: Nanoteknik och nanosäkerhet

2016: Invited speaker at Landskrona Stadshus: Luften är fri! Om partiklar du får - och hälsoeffekter du kan få - på köpet då du andas

2016: Article in Pålsjö Ängsblad: Partikelforskning på IKDC

2016: Article in Lokaltidningen: Nanoforskare vill höja ett varnande finger

2016: Invited speaker at the European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Belgium

2016: Invited speaker at TetraPak Science and Innovation Talks, Lund

2016: Invited speaker at Lund Ideon Rotary Club

Recent research outputs

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