Chuansi Gao

Senior Lecturer, Associate professor, Reader (Associate Professor), PhD

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Environmental Health and Occupational Health
  • Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics
  • Sport and Fitness Sciences


  • Climate change adaptation


I work on two parallel research tracks:

  1. Human thermal environments: climate change, health and personal adaptations, heat and cold stress, thermal comfort, thermophysiology, environmental ergonomics, personal protection and protective clothing, effects of thermal climate factors on health, comfort and performance, development of personal cooling strategies to alleviate heat stress.

  2. Slip and fall accidents and injuries, gait biomechanics, balance and slip resistance of human movement.


Recent research Projects

  1.  2017-2020: Coordinator, EU co-fund collaboration research project: Translating climate service into personalized adaptation strategies to cope with thermal climate stress (, funded by European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS) and participating countries (Formas in Sweden, IFD in Denmark, NWO in The Netherlands).
  2. 2016-2020: participant, EU Horizon 2020 project – Research and Innovation Framework Programme (H2020-PHC-2015) “Integrated inter-sector framework to increase the thermal resilience of European workers in the context of global warming (HEAT-SHIELD, )”, financed by the European Union under grant agreement No 668786.
  3. 2016-2020: participant, “Sustainable indoor environment in multi-family housing after renovation - a holistic approach to building performance, energy, indoor environment quality, and residents´ behavior and well-being”, financed by the Swedish Research Council Formas, Dnr.942-2016-79
  4. 2016-2020: participant, "The interaction of energy system, indoor environment and tenants - holistic approach to improve energy efficiency in the renovation of multi-family buildings", funded by Swedish Energy Agency, Project No.43092-1
  5. 2016: Principal investigator, “Sportswear, thermo-physiology and thermal comfort”, financed by Taiwan Textile Research Institute.
  6. 2014-2015: participant in two multidisciplinary cooperation projects at Pufendorf Institute, Lund University: 1) HEAT, 2) Healthy Indoor Environments
  7. 2012: Principal investigator, “Validation of ASTM standard F2732 and comparison with ISO 11079 with respect to comfort temperature ratings for cold weather protective clothing”, the 3rd project in collaboration with Taiwan Textile Research Institute.
  8. 2010-2013: Principal investigator, “Slip and fall accidents, friction requirements, and balance ability”, financed  by AFA Insurance, Sweden
  9. 2009-2010: Main participant, “Personal cooling with smart textiles (phase change materials, PCMs)”, financed  by VINNOVA research and growth programme in collaboration with TST-Sweden AB.


For a number of years I participated in teaching the following three elective courses:

1.     Human in extreme environments (TFRC70, 7.5 hp), 

2.     Work and exercise physiology (TFRA10, 7.5 hp),

3.     Human and indoor environments (TFRC05, 7.5 hp).

Since 2008 I have participated in teaching the following four programme courses and in supervising Master and PhD students.

1.     Human performance in extreme environments (IDRN09, MAMF35), 

2.     Medical and technical aspects of sport and physical performance (IDRN05),

3.     Work environment, safety and health (Arbete-Människa-Teknik, MAM070),

4.     Biomechanics (FHLF05, since 2014)

Recent research outputs

Nathan B. Morris, Ollie Jay, Andreas D. Flouris, Ana Casanueva, Chuansi Gao, Josh Foster, George Havenith & Lars Nybo, 2020 Sep 4, In : Environmental health : a global access science source. 19, 1, 1 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Amitava Halder, Kalev Kuklane, Michael Miller, Axel Nordin, Jeannette Unge & Chuansi Gao, 2020 Jul 22, In : Fire Technology.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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