Coralia Ditvall

Professor emerita


Research field
E-learning in language teaching and learning. My research work focuses on the practical use of the combination of "technology and pedagogy" in order to reach a highly flexible, rational and efficient learning. In my studies I compare the electronic learning with the campus/face-to-face learning.

Research project
1998 - I initiated the pioneer (one-man-team)project "Language-studies online: Case study 'Romanian course-program at Lund University'".

2005 - The full "construction" of the whole university program in 'Romanian Studies' was completed, i.e. published on the internet-platform LUVIT (Lund University Virtual Interactive Tool). Hence all four university-levels run in parallel - both at fulltime and at halftime, starting every term. Our students are not only Swedes, but also Danes, Norwegians and Swedish-speaking Finns - living in Scandinavia or in other parts of Europe or of the world. (Cf. before 1998 Romanian was taught only on the beginner-level, every other/third year).

Our e-concept "The IT-based Romanian Studies" is unique as the whole university program runs entirely on the internet - that is it does not include any classroom-activities at all.

Recent research outputs

Coralia Ditvall, 2009, I Conference Proceedings for The 7th Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.. 6 p.

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingPaper in conference proceeding

Coralia Ditvall, 2009, Festskrift för professor Suzanne Schlyters 65-års dag, Mélanges plurilingues offerts à Suzanne Schlyter.. Bernardini, P., Egerland, V. & Granfeldt, J. (eds.). Språk- och litteraturcentrum, Lunds universitet, Vol. Études Romanes de Lund 85. p. 71-80

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter

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