Cristian Ducoing


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  • Economic History


  • natural resource management, Economic History, Latin America, Energy Transitions


My research has been related to several topics. After my dissertation "Machinery investment and growth in Chile during the period 1830 to 1938" my research interests have broadened to Historical National Accounts in Latin America, in relation to the concept of wealth and approaching development more in stocks than flows. Recently, in joint work with Matthias Blum and Eoin McLaughin, I have begun the measurement of Genuine Savings for Latin America and the comparison of these figures with previous results for developed countries. This work has materialised in a book chapter, entitled "A sustainable century? Genuine Savings in developed and developing countries. 1900 - 2000", in "National Wealth: What is missing, why it matters" published by Oxford University. I have been granted by Vetenskapsrådet in the call “Swedish Research Links" with the project "Sustainable development, Fiscal Policy and Natural Resources Management. Bolivia, Chile and Perú in the Nordic countries’ mirror”. 


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Badia-Miró, M., Anna, C. & Cristian Ducoing, 2019 Dec, 18 p. (LSR Working papers series; no. 2019:03).

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