Cristina Chaminade

Professor, PhD in Economics

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  • Social Sciences
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  • Innovation Studies, sustainable development, transformations towards sustainability, Innovation systems, Innovation policy


My main area of expertise is in the interplay between innovation and sustainable development. My main research interests are on globalization of innovation -particularly global innovation networks- and system transformation in developing countries. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity of doing research in China, India, South Africa, Thailand, and Brazil, among others.  In my research, I have been mainly interested in how firms, regions and nations create and use knowledge for innovation when knowledge is globally distributed, and how policies can be designed to support transformations in a global context.

In more recent times, I have taken a special interest in the process of transformation from unsustainable to sustainable systems, when systems are globally connected. My leading questions are what might enable the direction and geographical scale of the transformation and how can sustainability transformations be accelerated. The latter is paramount if we consider the urgency of the challenges our planet is facing today. 

Currently I am focused on innovative practices combining novel ways to acquire income, with social equity and nature conservation in critical regions. Critical regions are regions around the world whose fast transformation is particularly important worldwide. This is because they are particularly vulnerable to global unsustainable human action (for example, Small Island Development States), or because they have a high impact on the transformation of world systems (for example, the Amazon basin) or particular subsystems (for example, food production or consumption).


Director of the Master programe in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development at Lund University (former Innovation and Spatial Dynamcis).

Currently teaching Economics of Innovation, Innovation for Sustainable Development and Globalization of Innovation.

Experience teaching at all university levels (undergraduate and postgraduate – Master and PhD) and covering a wide variety of topics from general Economics to specific courses in innovation and in research methodology. Taught at several universities (Sweden, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Vietnam) and to a great variety of students and groups (academics, policy makers and practitioners). Teaching  in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


1. Teaching/Course responsibility:

- Roll (kursansvarig, föreläsare, övningsledare):Kursansvaring och föreläsare

- Kursnamn: Innovation for sustainable development

- Kurskod: EKH075

- Omfattning i klocktimmar:  112


- Roll (kursansvarig, föreläsare, övningsledare): Föreläsare

- Kursnamn: Economics of Innovation

- Kurskod: EKH071

- Omfattning i klocktimmar: 138


- Roll (kursansvarig, föreläsare, övningsledare): Föreläsare

- Kursnamn: Globalization of Innovation

- Kurskod: EKHT51

- Omfattning i klocktimmar: 60


- Roll (kursansvarig, föreläsare, övningsledare): Programledare

- Kursnamn: Master in Innovation and Spatial Dynamics

- Kurskod:

- Omfattning i klocktimmar: 160


-Roll: Kursansvaring

- Kursnamn: Internship

- Kurskod: EKHM50

- Omfattning i klocktimmar: 15



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2. Supervision of theses (including theses completed by Feb-19):

Undergraduate level (number of theses 2018): 0


Master level (number of theses 2018): 3


3. Examiner of theses (including theses completed by Feb-19):

Undergraduate level (number of theses 2018): 0


Master level (number of theses 2018): 4



4. Briefly describe development work in education – renewal of curriculum and/or pedagogical development:

In 2018 I have worked intensively in the preparation of the Master in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development whose first cohort started in August 2018. I continued the exchange program with Aalborg University while, at the same time, formalized the  Double Degree program with the same university which will be offered to students enrolled in 2018.


In the framework of the re-structuring of the program, I have been trying to develop collaboration agreements with other faculties at Lund University to increase the number of courses in innovation offered to the students enrolled in the program.


I developed a completely new course on Globalization of Innovation which I started teaching in Fall 2018. The course is very much in line with the new focus of the program on Innovation for Global Sustainable Development.


In the course Innovation for Sustainable Development (EKHM75) I organized a study visit to Vera Park in Helsinborg, where Martin Dyberg gave a presentation to the students on circular economy and presented some of the innovations developed in the Park. Later on we conducted a visit to the recycling premises.


In 2018 I was also responsible for the development of the syllabus of a new bachelor course on Global Sustainability, which will be offered as part of the new Bachelor in Economy and Society. 



5. Involvement of guest teachers:

- Course name: Innovation for sustainable development

- Course code: EKHM75

- Name of guest teacher and company/organization: Per Löfberg / Emerging Cooking Solutions



- Course name: Innovation for sustainable development

- Course code: EKHM75

- Name of guest teacher and company/organization: Hanna Martin / Karsltad University


- Course name: Innovation for sustainable development

- Course code: EKHM75

- Name of guest teacher and company/organization: Rasmus Lema /Aalborg University


There were also special lectures from researchers from Lund University but outside the faculty, like Sara Gabrielsson (LUCSUS) and Teis Hansen (KEG) in the EKHM75 course.


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6. Programme responsibility (name of programme)

Master in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development


7. Additional work in education (e.g. planning, implementation, and pedagogical leadership)


See point 4. Additionally, I have started to develop a new course on innovative practices in developing countries to be offered in 2019, which will allow the students to analyze sustainable development challenges in a developing country context and develop innovative solutions in collaboration with a local university. I have received an initiation grant with the University Nacional of Costa Rica and travel support from the SASUF network to go to South Africa in May 2019 with the objective of formalizing the collaboration with Stellenbosch Institute for Sustainability to support the stay of our students.


I also took the initiative to start developing a PhD course at LUSEM for the forthcoming research school on Sustainable Development Goals, in collaboration with other researchers at the Faculty.  


8. Briefly describe your work with IT-supported teaching and learning

I use Live@Lund for the organization of the courses, assignment and communication with the students


9. Production of cases, publications on teaching and learning, teaching materials and textbooks


IN 2018 the Advanced introduction to National Innovation Systems was finally published. It is a text book on innovation systems, which has been adopted as a text book in the Economics of Innovation course (EKHM71)


I have been advisor of international organizations such as the European Commission, UNCTAD, OECD and UN-ECLAC and published in international journals, refereed books and handbooks in the fields of innovation, development studies and knowledge management like Research Policy, Industry and Innovation, World Development, Innovation and Development and European Planning Studies. 

I am an elected member of the Board of Globelics - the "Global Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems"  and editor of the Intl. Journal "Innovation and Development".

I have been guest professor/researcher at the Univ. of Florence (2017), Western Sydney University (2015), Human Sciences Research Concil (HSRC) in Cape Town (2011), Gordon Institute of Business Science at Univ. of Pretoria (2011), Norwegian Academy of Sciences (2007, 2008), the German Developmen Institute (2007), HHL Business School Leipzig (2003-2013), SPRU and Centrim, Univ. of Sussex and Brighton University (2004), the Norwegian School of Management (2001) and Uppsala University (2000).  

Professional work

I have been the head of the Innovation and Technology Transfer unit at the Entrepreneurial Association of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Spain between 1996-1998. My main role was advising small and medium size companies in their innovation projects.  

Recent research outputs

Plechero, M., Kulkarni, M., Cristina Chaminade & Parthasarathy, B., 2020 Jun 17, In : Industry and Innovation. Online first

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