Debora Goedert

affiliated with the university


I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in how variable selection and its interactions with other evolutionary mechanisms or the genetic architecture of traits affects diversification. I have mostly focused on the micro-evolutionary scale, venturing into fields of behavioural ecology, population genomics, and quantitative genetics, and working with a variety of organisms (e.g. birds, frogs, fish, and now insects). Among past research, I have studied visual and acoustic signals in the contexts of predation and intra-specific interactions; transgenerational parental effects in fitness-related traits; as well as the interplay between variation in selection and genetic architecture of traits, considering evolutionary frameworks of local adaptation, sexual conflict, sex-limited polymorphisms, and single-generation complex life cycles.

At Lund University, I will investigate how ontogenetic changes in gene expression vary between sexes and across alternative morphs in I. elegans, a heterometabolous insect with well-studied ecology and female-limited polymorphism.

Selected publications