Diane Feuillet

Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD


I study Galactic Archaeology, a field that focuses on uncovering the history of the Milky Way galaxy using the stellar relics of the past. Using the compositions, ages, and motions of long-lived stars in the Milky Way, we can figure out what happened to our Galaxy. I use large stellar surveys like Gaia, APOGEE, GALAH, GES and soon 4MOST to search for relationships between the age of a star and its chemical composition. 

Although there are many ways of estimating the age of a star, most methods are not applicable to large samples. We have found that certain elements correlate with stellar age for the nearby Milky Way. These are called chemical clocks. My research tries to calibrate these chemical clocks beyond the solar neighborhood so that we can determine the ages of stars across the full Milky Way galaxy.

Recent research outputs

T. Merle, M. Van Der Swaelmen, S. Van Eck, A. Jorissen, R. J. Jackson, G. Traven, T. Zwitter, D. Pourbaix, A. Klutsch, G. Sacco, R. Blomme, T. Masseron, G. Gilmore, S. Randich, C. Badenes, A. Bayo, T. Bensby, M. Bergemann, K. Biazzo, F. Damiani & 9 others, D. Feuillet, A. Frasca, A. Gonneau, R. D. Jeffries, P. Jofré, L. Morbidelli, N. Mowlavi, E. Pancino & L. Prisinzano, 2020 Mar 27, In : Astronomy and Astrophysics. 635, A155.

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