Diederick C Niehorster

Researcher, Ph.D, Ph.D, M.Phil

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Psychology (excluding Applied Psychology)
  • Interaction Technologies
  • Learning


  • eye movements, optic flow, self-motion, human vision, eye tracking


Dr. Diederick Niehorster is a researcher and research engineer at the Lund University Humanities Lab and the Department of Psychology, Lund University. He has a bachelor of Arts from University College Utrecht, and obtained an M.Phil and Ph.D in cognitive psychology from the University of Hong Kong under the supervision of Dr Li Li. He has been a Humboldt post-doctoral fellow at Muenster University under Prof. Markus Lappe.

His research expertise includes vision science, eye-tracking methodology, testing of eye-tracking and VR equipment and group-scale simultaneous eye movement recording. Dr. Niehorster runs the unique Digital Classroom of the Future infrastructure at the Lund University Humanities Lab, which allows following in real-time a whole classroom full of students using eye-tracking and other recording technologies. It provides the opportunity to create shared gaze displays that show data recorded from one person in real-time to other participants in the setup, to support communication and collaboration between participants.

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