Dina Mansour Aly

Doctoral Student, PhD, Master degree, Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, PHD

Research areas and keywords


  • Bioinformatics, Pharmacogenomics, GWAS


My main research is Genome-Wide Association Analysis (GWAS) in Diabetes. I am interested in uncovering the genetic make-up of diabetic patients; onset of diabetes, duration of diabtes, short-term diabetic complications and long-term diabetic complications inorder to get better understanding of each patient personalized treatment strategy. My pharmaceutical background increases my interest from pharmacogenomic prospective; genetic-make up effect on the patient's response to medication. I am a member of National Swedish Graduate of Medical Bioinformatics.

Recently, I am studying the genetics of Novel Diabetic Subtyes; SAID, SIDD, SIRD, MOD nad MARD.

Recent research outputs

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