Ellen Parsland

Doctoral Student


Ellen Parsland has a bachelor and a master’s degree in social work. Since 2018 is Ellen working on a PhD-project regarding how ethnicity, gender and class as complex power structures are being reproduced, contested and handled within local labour market programs for unemployed individuals.  Focus in the project lies in categorization processes used when activating unemployed individuals, in terms of how state-produced categorizations such as 'newly arrived refugees' are being used and negotiated as a part of organizing the labour market programs as well as how the state-produced categorization becomes an identification for the unemployed that becomes significant in the process towards employment. Currently, Ellen is working on a study regarding gender equality work in local labour market programs.  


Ellen’s PhD-project is a part of larger research program called “Refugee immigration and change in the Swedish labour market - which is the role of the municipalities?”  funded by the Swedish research institute for health, working life and welfare (FORTE).