Emma Kritzberg


Research areas and keywords


  • aquatic biogeochemistry, carbon, iron (Fe), land-use, climate change, browning


I am interested in aquatic biogeochemistry and in particular the link between terrestrial, limnic and marine systems. Much of my research revolves around terrestrial export of organic matter and iron to surface waters - what is controlling that export, and what the consequences are to the recieving system.

A recurrent theme in my research is brownification or browning, which is referring to the fact that surface waters of the Northern Hemisphere are getting increasingly browner as a result of higher concentrations of dissolved organic matter and iron.

A second research theme is bacterial transformations of dissolved organic carbon (to carbon dioxide or bacterial biomass) and how that is regulated by factors such as temperature, inorganic nutrients, the origin and molecular structure of the organic matter, and the structure of the bacterial community.

Within my research I overlap the fields of biogeochemistry, microbiology, analytical chemistry and bacterial community structure/diversity. Morever, my study systems include soils, lakes, streams, rivers brackish and marine environments.

Recent research outputs

Emma S. Kritzberg, Eliza Maher Hasselquist, Martin Škerlep, Stefan Löfgren, Olle Olsson, Johanna Stadmark, Salar Valinia, Lars Anders Hansson & Hjalmar Laudon, 2020 Feb, In : Ambio: a Journal of Human Environment. 49, 2, p. 375-390 16 p.

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