Eskil Elmer

Adjunct Professor, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof, Head of Department

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Biomedical Laboratory Science/Technology
  • Neurosciences
  • Cell and Molecular Biology


  • Mitochondrial Physiology


The energy-producing mitochondria are central to maintenance and survival of cells and have been proposed to participate in the pathogenesis of organ dysfunction. We use sensitive systems for analysis of mitochondrial function and have developed high-resolved respirometry applied to human blood cells. With this rapid and easy accessible method to monitor systemic mitochondrial function we determine bioenergetic capacity in children presenting with idiopathic encephalopathy or suspected mitochondrial disease, patients with chronic neurodegenerative disorders and patients with sepsis, conditions in which mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in the pathogenesis. An additional goal is to identify and move to clinical application pharmaceutical agents that can preserve or enhance mitochondrial function. For this purpose we have, in collaboration with industry, developed novel mitochondrial energy substrates and a porcine model of mitochondrial disease/acute metabolic decompensation.

Highlighted research outputs

Johannes K. Ehinger, Sarah Piel, Rhonan Ford, Michael Karlsson, Fredrik Sjövall, Eleonor Åsander Frostner, Saori Morota, Robert W. Taylor, Doug M. Turnbull, Clive Cornell, Steven J. Moss, Carsten Metzsch, Magnus J. Hansson, Hans Fliri & Eskil Elmér, 2016 Aug 9, In: Nature Communications. 7, 12317.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

T. -T. Cung, O. Morel, G. Cayla, G. Rioufol, D. Garcia-Dorado, D. Angoulvant, E. Bonnefoy-Cudraz, P. Guerin, M. Elbaz, N. Delarche, P. Coste, G. Vanzetto, M. Metge, J. -F. Aupetit, B. Jouve, P. Motreff, C. Tron, J. -N. Labeque, P. G. Steg, Y. Cottin & 33 others, G. Range, J. Clerc, M. J. Claeys, P. Coussement, F. Prunier, F. Moulin, O. Roth, L. Belle, P. Dubois, P. Barragan, M. Gilard, C. Piot, P. Colin, F. De Poli, M. -C. Morice, O. Ider, J. -L. Dubois-Rande, T. Unterseeh, H. Le Breton, T. Beard, D. Blanchard, G. Grollier, V. Malquarti, P. Staat, A. Sudre, Eskil Elmer, Magnus Hansson, C. Bergerot, I. Boussaha, C. Jossan, G. Derumeaux, N. Mewton & M. Ovize, 2015, In: New England Journal of Medicine. 373, 11, p. 1021-1031

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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