Eva Brottmann Hansen

Doctoral Student, Master, Bachelor


My main focus is developing a Dark Matter search in paired dijet final states with the ATLAS experiment. To improve the sensitivity of this and other analyses using jets, now and further into the future, I am also involved in two more technical projects: One is the calibration of the detector response to jet energies and mass. The other is a module, called gFex, for the upgrade of the ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger whih will allow ATLAS to trigger on Lorentz boosted objects which are of particular interest for my own analysis.

In addition, I teach the laboratory exercise for the course Partikelfysik, kosmologi og acceleratorer, where the students have to measure the muon lifetime. The exercise involves setting up a data acquisition system of NIM modules to read out the interesting signals from four scintillators, and analyzing the data using most of the tools in their statistics and programming "toolbox" (and adding some as well, it seems).     

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