Fredrik Björklund


Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology (excluding Applied Psychology)


  • social psychlogy, social cognition, moral psychology


My research concerns how people perceive themselves and others, particularly in moral matters, when interacting with individuals from other groups, and when responding to questionnaire items. Here are short descriptions of three projects that I’m involved in.

1. Moral psychology

How do we come to the judgment that something is morally blameworthy or praiseworthy? How do we make decisions in moral matters? The project concerns moral cognition and we often use experimental methods to study how judgments and decisions are affected by contextual factors and interact with personality.

2. Stereotypes and prejudice

How do stereotypes affect our view of ourselves and others? In this project we investigate how information on group membership affects trait judgments. Just as in the morality project described above we primarily work with social cognitive theories and experimental methods.

3. Personality assessment

What role does social desirability play in the measurement of personality, and how can we develop self-rating inventories that provide relatively “pure” measures of personality? The project involves basic research on social desirability and test development, and applied research on e.g. selection and recruitment.

Recent research outputs

Thomas Strandberg, Lars Hall, Petter Johansson, Fredrik Björklund & Philip Pärnamets, 2019 Jul 8, Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Montreal: Cognitive Science Society, Inc, Vol. 41. 7 p.

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