Gerd Ahlström

Senior Professor
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  1. Lu-Ku: Lu-Ku - Palliative Care for older persons with chronic diseases: a comparative study of Sweden and China

    Gerd Ahlström, Lina Behm, Birgit Rasmussen, Carl Johan Fürst, Magnus C Persson, Cai Le, Yu Luo, Haiyan Fu, Zhang Jie & Ping Fen Tang

    Swedish Research Council


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  2. Ageing persons with intellectual disability, health and mortality, healthcare utilization and social welfare: a Swedish national longitudinal population study

    Gerd Ahlström, Jimmie Kristensson, Magnus Sandberg, Anna Axmon, Petra Björne, Lena Nylander, Barry Karlsson, Nawi Ng, Magnus Tideman & Eva Flygare Wallen

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte), Stiftelsen Ragnhild och Einar Lundströms Minne


    Project: Research

  3. KUPA: Implementation of Knowledge-Based Palliative Care for Frail Older Persons in Nursing Homes

    Gerd Ahlström, Birgit Rasmussen, Lina Behm, Magnus C Persson, Helene Åvik Persson, Carl Johan Fürst, Birgitta Wallerstedt, Anna Sandgren, Eva Benzein, Per Nilsen, Anne Molina Tall, Christina Bökberg, Helena Rosén & Åsa Alftberg

    Greta & Johan Kocks stiftelser, Vårdalstiftelsen, Swedish Research Council


    Project: Research

  4. A Zhineng Qigong intervention for patients with chronic low back pain and/or leg pain

    Gerd Ahlström & Gabriella Pozarek

    Greta & Johan Kocks stiftelser, Ekhagastiftelsen


    Project: Dissertation

  5. Aktivt och hälsosamt åldrande vid utvecklingsstörning

    Gerd Ahlström, Maria Johansson, Ingrid Runesson & Petra Björne

    Stiftelsen Ragnhild och Einar Lundströms Minne, Greta & Johan Kocks stiftelser


    Project: Dissertation

  6. Good care at home for persons with dementia

    Christina Bökberg, Staffan Karlsson & Gerd Ahlström

    Gyllenstiernska Krapperupsstiftelsen


    Project: Dissertation