Gita Hedin

affiliated with the university, PhD student

Research areas and keywords



My research is about investigating sleep, media habits, sedentary and physical activity in adolescents. I want to investigate whether the sleep habits of young people change over time, if there is a connection between the habits and sleep length.

Sleep, media habits and lifestyle

It's vital to sleep, unable to sleep at all is deadly. The most tired group in society is young people. Teens have difficulty changing their sleep habits because of, the growth of hormones in the body, and the biological clock is pushed forward. Mapping adolescents' media habits shows that next-generation young people to some extent use the internet, which leads to reduced sleep. Longer periods of sedentary mean an increased risk for unhealthy lifestyle. It is dangerous to sit still and stay long-term should be avoided. A reduced sedimentation with 1-2 hours per day could have significant protective effects on health. An important thing in Sweden is to maintain the daily motivation and to minimize total time spent sitting. One way to do this is to adapt school, workplace, and environment and home so that it invites you to movement.