Gregor Traven



My research area, in a broad context, is investigation of peculiar stars of our Galaxy. This is what my previous research activities connect to very well, and it is also important for the aims of Galactic archaeology, one of the research goals pursued at Lund Observatory.

More specifically, I'm interested in studying Galactic binary stars by means of spectral investigation, where my current largest source of spectral data is the large all-sky GALAH spectroscopic survey. My current aim is: a) to determine how much the binary stars influence the derived stellar parameters and elemental abundances that are used by large spectroscopic surveys such as GALAH, pursuing the goals of Galactic archaeology, and b) to explore to what extent we can constrain the properties of Galactic binary populations by only using observed samples of binary stars in a given spectroscopic survey.

Besides studying the large scale statistical properties of binary stars, I'm also very interested in the physical properties of individual binary (multiple) systems of stars, which can be analysed to unprecedented accuracy with the state-of-the-art analysis tools (e.g. PHOEBE) and data of very high quality. 

Recent research outputs

T. Merle, M. Van Der Swaelmen, S. Van Eck, A. Jorissen, R. J. Jackson, G. Traven, T. Zwitter, D. Pourbaix, A. Klutsch, G. Sacco, R. Blomme, T. Masseron, G. Gilmore, S. Randich, C. Badenes, A. Bayo, T. Bensby, M. Bergemann, K. Biazzo, F. Damiani & 9 others, D. Feuillet, A. Frasca, A. Gonneau, R. D. Jeffries, P. Jofré, L. Morbidelli, N. Mowlavi, E. Pancino & L. Prisinzano, 2020 Mar 27, In : Astronomy and Astrophysics. 635, A155.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

E. Tempel, P. Norberg, T. Tuvikene, T. Bensby, C. Chiappini, N. Christlieb, M. R.L. Cioni, J. Comparat, L. J.M. Davies, G. Guiglion, A. Koch, G. Kordopatis, M. Krumpe, J. Loveday, A. Merloni, G. Micheva, I. Minchev, B. F. Roukema, J. G. Sorce, E. Starkenburg & 5 others, J. Storm, E. Swann, W. F. Thi, G. Traven & R. S. De Jong, 2020, In : Astronomy and Astrophysics. 635, A101.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

R. Bonito, L. Prisinzano, L. Venuti, F. Damiani, G. Micela, G. Sacco, G. Traven, K. Biazzo, L. Sbordone, T. Masseron, T. Zwitter, A. Gonneau, A. Bayo, V. Roccatagliata, S. Randich, J. S. Vink, P. Jofre, E. Flaccomio, L. Magrini, G. Carraro & 10 others, L. Morbidelli, A. Frasca, L. Monaco, E. Rigliaco, C. Worley, A. Hourihane, G. Gilmore, E. Franciosini, J. Lewis & S. Koposov, 2020, In : Astronomy and Astrophysics. 642, A56.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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