Håkan Hydén

Professor emeritus


Research Areas

  • Sociology of Law as a Norm Science
  • Development of Society and Law
  • Cyber Norms

Current Research

Håkan Hydén’s Book on Norms from 2002 is being adapted and further developed. Different aspects have been added and norms have been put into a broader perspective. Causality, which influences and explains events, tends to differ in social and natural sciences.

In the social sciences motives are the equivalent of causes in natural sciences. Therefore, in the social sciences the reasons why things happen are much more complex and context-bound. This is where norm science comes in. Norms help us to grasp and understand motives for actors on a collective (societal) level.

The comparison between legal norms, other norms in society and cyber norms is also of great interest to Håkan Hydén. Society faces challenges when the legal system tries to deal with new phenomena such as digital technology by extending legal concepts far beyond common sense and established legal understanding.

Recent research outputs

Håkan Hydén & Staffan Michelson, 2020 Mar 1, Tvistlösning inom affärsrätten. Arvidsson, N., Nyström, B. & Westberg, P. (eds.). Stockholm: Norstedts Juridik, Stockholm

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingEntry for encyclopedia/dictionary

Karl Dahlstrand & Håkan Hydén, 2020 Jan 10, Om rättssociologisk tillämpning. Nafstad, I. & Schoultz, I. (eds.). Studentlitteratur AB, p. 307-325 18 p.

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter

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