Håkan Jönson

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  1. Older adults living in disadvantaged areas. A mixed methods study on homes, neighborhood transitions and wellbeing.

    Marianne Granbom, Håkan Jönson, Anders Kottorp, Malin Mejstad & Afsaneh Taei

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: Research

  2. Low-threshold care facilities for older people with substance user disorder: Quality of Life or Resignation?

    Håkan Jönson & Tove Harnett

    Systembolagets råd för alkoholforskning, SRA


    Project: Research

  3. Age as an organizing principle for the provision of services to persons with support needs

    Tove Harnett, Håkan Jönson, Titti Mattsson & Per Norberg

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: ResearchInternal collaboration (LU)

  4. UserAge: Understanding User Participation in Research on Ageing and Health

    Susanne Iwarsson, Anna-Karin Edberg, Synneve Dahlin-Ivanoff, James Goodwin, Maria Haak, Elizabeth Hanson, Oskar Jonsson, Håkan Jönson, Giovanni Lamura, Qarin Lood, Lennart Magnusson, Steven Schmidt, Björn Slaug, Albert Westergren, Joakim Frögren, Christine Etzerodt Laustsen, Maya Kylén, Sara Hultqvist, Emmelie Barenfeld, Isak Berge, Stefan Andersson & Camilla Malm

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: Research

  5. Det nationella nätverket för socialvetenskaplig äldreforskning

    Håkan Jönson & Katarina Andersson


    Project: Network

  6. Profiled eldercare and identity

    Tove Harnett, Håkan Jönson, Elisabeth Carlstedt & Magnus Nilsson

    2015/01/01 → …

    Project: Research

  7. Improving everyday conditions by reconceptualising elder care through the lense of disability policies

    Tove Harnett, Håkan Jönson, Annika Taghizadeh Larsson & Stina Johansson


    Project: Research

  8. Individualised care and universal welfare: Dilemmas in an era of marketisation

    Håkan Jönson, Tove Harnett, Marta Szebehely & Elisabeth Carlstedt

    Stockholm University


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  9. Between Sisterhood and Treatment. Renegotiations in a Changed Support Field for Abused Women

    Sara Helmersson, Håkan Jönson & Tina Mattsson


    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  10. Leaving welfare

    Lena Palvén, Tapio Salonen & Håkan Jönson

    1998/01/01 → …

    Project: Dissertation