Håkan Johansson

Senior Lecturer, Fil dr, docent, PhD, Associate professor


Håkan Johansson, PhD and associate professor, is the program director of the psychotherapy program at the department of Psychology, Lund University. He is also the head of the psychodynamic orientation. He is a licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist and a specialist in clinical psychology.

Håkan teaches primarily in the psychologist- and psychotherapist programs. Teaching areas includes crisis/trauma, psychopathology/psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychological treatment (mainly psychodynamic).

Håkan's research covers various fields, mainly psychotherapeutic and psychiatric outcome and process research. A major area of ​​research is the therapeutic alliance where most focus has been on the alliance's role in routine psychiatric care. Another area of ​​research has been the importance of the psychiatric ward atmosphere/milieu. A current research project where Håkan is engaged is the project POSE. The POSE study - panic control treatment versus panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy in randomized and self-selection conditions.

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