Henrik Aspegren

Adjunct Professor, affiliated with the university
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  3. Assessment of Biogas Production from Source Separated. Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) from Households

    Åsa Davidsson, Bernstad, A., Henrik Aspegren & Jes la Cour Jansen, 2010, Proceedings of the IWWG 3rd international symposium on energy from biomass and waste. Venice, Italy 8-11 November 2010. IWWG - International Waste Working Group, 9 p.

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  6. Väderradarteknik inom VA-området: Test av metodik

    South, N., Hossein Hashemi, Olsson, L., Seyyed Hasan Hosseini, Henrik Aspegren, Rolf Larsson, Ronny Berndtsson, Rajib Das, Marmbrandt, A., Olsson, J. & Andreas Persson, 2019, Svenskt Vatten AB. 78 p.

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