Henrik Gyllstad

Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, PhD


My main research interests are within Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Language Testing (LT). In my doctoral thesis project from 2007, which dealt with English phraseology, I developed and evaluated two tests of receptive collocation knowledge for use with advanced learners.

In addition to continued research on the learning and testing of English vocabulary, I am interested in the use of psycholinguistic experimental methods for studying the bilingual lexicon, more specifically the question of how lexical items bigger than single orthographic words (e.g., collocations and idioms) are processed, represented and acquired in the case of adult bilinguals.

Recently, as PI, I conducted a three-year project (2013-2015) funded by the Swedish Research Council, aimed at investigating second language learners' processing of different types of English word combinations (e.g. 'free combinations', 'restricted collocations', and 'idioms'), and how cross-linguistic influences affect these processes.

Presently, I am a member of a new project funded by the Swedish Research Council for the period 2017-2020. In a team of colleagues at Lund University (Dr Marie Källkvist, PI) and Karlstad University (Dr Pia Sundqvist and Dr Erica Sandlund), we will investigate teaching practices and learning processes in multilingual English classrooms in Swedish schools. 


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