Ida Wingren

affiliated with the university


I am a PhD candidate in Service Studies since 2014.

My research interest lies in the relation between human and nature. I am specially interested in how market based instruments and environmental markets, to a growing extent, are used to manage natural resources and how these instruments or systems affect local communities. In my dissertation project I am studying Swedish coastal communities and local responses to system changes in European and Swedish Fishery Management.


  • Master of Social sciences, Major: Social and economic Geography. Lund University
  • Cand.Mag. (Candidata Magisterii), Major: Geography, Social Sciences. University of Bergen, Norway

Professional work

I have been working outside University for more than 10 years, mainly with tourism and regional development in Southeast Skåne but also as projectmanager for different environmental projects related to oceans (marine litter and ghost nets). Longer ago I was working as an AB (Able Seaman) on a Norwegian fullrigged sailing ship.

I am employed in a research project funded by Formas.

Recent research outputs

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