Ida-Marie Andersson

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  • Food Engineering


  • Food technology, Food engineering, Dairy Powder, Dairy Science


Rehydration and Functionality of Dairy Powders

Rehydration and powder functionality are important quality parameters in industrial applications, either as ingredients added in dairy applications or used in dry blend products as infant formulas or performance products. Thus, improving powder functionality, particularly the rehydration characteristics, is becoming critically important. Rehydration is essential as most powders must be completely dispersed and dissolved to fully present their functional properties.


The main purpose of this project is to form the scientific background for optimization and innovation of new whey products which have superior powder rehydration properties and functionality. Within this project, whey protein powders will be characterized regarding, wetting, swelling and dissolution. This may enable the production of powders with improved rehydration properties and functionality that are easily dissolved, as well as create value to this product category.


Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI), Denmark and Lund University
Supervisors LU: Prof. Marie Paulsson, Prof. Björn Bergenståhl & Assoc prof. Maria Glantz
Supervisors AFI: Prof. Jacob Holm Nielsen & Dr. Marcela Alexander

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